Commissions! Yeah, I take them. Below is the pricing (in US Dollars).

Base Price, for one character, without background (This would simply be like a character portrait): $30.

Traditional Media:
All Traditional Media listed here will be either on Bristol Board or Watercolor/Marker paper. Traditional Media will be scanned for display, as well as sent via snail-mail to the customer.
Pencil: +5
Black and White Ink: +10
Color (Usually in Marker): +15

Digital Media:
Prefered method of choice. Programs of choice are OpenCanvas 3+, with some end-of-work tweaking in Photoshop. All Digital commissions get a high-res copy of their commission emailed to them, as well as a Print of the commission mailed to them.
Digital Coloring: +20

Charges to add regardless of the Media
Background: +5
Extra Character: +5 per character

Customers get rights to use the image for purposes such as avatars, web layouts and what not. I still retain the right to use the image as I see fit (for my own avatars, display, layouts and future print availability), though I will still likely ask anyway.

Note: If I'm already working on a commission for you as of August 2, 2005, then the price we agreed on stands, not the price it might've changed to thanks to me adjusting prices here


Prints are available where noted (They will be notated in the main gallery page). They will be on 8.5x11 heavy Matte paper, unless otherwise requested.

Price per print: $10

Contact me via e-mail for more information. I take the following:

Money Order
PayPal (please make payment to or to

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